The Best Advice So Far - losing track of why

losing track of why

Saturday afternoon, I cheated. Well, OK. What I mean is that I cheated on my self-imposed low-carb diet and got a ham, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich at a local joint. With bread. English muffin, to be exact. It was snowing like gangbusters, and my feet were wet and cold. So sue me if I wanted something warm and salty — and crunchy. I definitely craved the crunch. I know. I was weak. You may sneer and/or jeer at will. I’d placed my order (which included a hot decaf peppermint-mocha with…

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The Best Advice So Far - i think i can

i think i can

In July, I completed the recording, editing and mastering of the audiobook version of The Best Advice So Far, right on schedule. By mid-August, the audiobook had been submitted to Audible, approved and officially released. From the very start — before I’d ever even penned a word of it — I knew that I eventually wanted The Best Advice So Far released in digital, print and audiobook formats. At long last, that vision had become a reality. Within days of that milestone, and while still on…

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The Best Advice So Far - big deal

big deal

This Thanksgiving held changes for my family. My mom has been putting in long hours for a while now, caring for her own mother, so that my 93-year-old Nana can continue to enjoy the familiarity and comfort of living in her home of more than 60 years. In addition to being plumb tuckered out most days, mom was also sick heading into Thanksgiving day. So for the first time ever, we had our small family Thanksgiving out at a local restaurant instead of at my mom's house. No preparation. No dishes…

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The Best Advice So Far - what to say (reprise)

what to say (reprise)

Back in the spring, I introduced you to my writer-friend Diana by way of a unique book review with a personal twist. (By the way, this four-book series, The Rose Shield, would make a perfect, no-fail gift for any choosy Fantasy readers you may know; and Diana's also just released a beautifully illustrated children's book, Grumpy Ana and the Grouchy Monsters, for the little readers on your list.)   Sally Cronin of Smorgasbord revived one of Diana’s previous posts entitled “Write and…

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The Best Advice So Far - traffic


You’re a contestant on an episode of Family Feud. You’re starting the round, facing off against your opponent, your palm hovering tensely above the buzzer. The host presents the next challenge: “One hundred people surveyed, top five answers on the board … Name something that causes people to feel angry or impatient.” :: BZZZT! :: What’d you guess? I have a strong suspicion as to the Number 1 answer on the board. Despite the host of major issues happening across the globe at any given time, it…

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The Best Advice So Far - fear two

fear: two

The previous post wound up being a sort of flight of ideas on fear. I had no intention of taking it further than that when I hit “Publish” last week. But the theme of fear has continued to rear its … well … rather common head in the time since then. So it seems worthwhile to take another walk on the dark side. ***** I wound up getting to the gym quite late last night — 4:15AM to be exact. (Yes, that was late, not early, considering my usual arrival is between midnight and 2:00.) As you might…

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The Best Advice So Far - fear


Today, if I’m being honest, I'm not exactly sure where I'm headed with things. I’m starting with a broad topic: fear. But beyond that, it’s all vague notions at this point, shifting shadows on the walls. Or maybe it is clear notions — just too many of them. All I can do is invite you to buckle your safety belt, place your seat backs and trays in the upright position and enjoy the ride, trusting that this flight will eventually land. ***** Wednesday of last week, I was out at a local snack…

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The Best Advice So Far - eating my words

eating my words

I was in a hurry. I had company coming any minute and realized that I was out of a few things. So I dashed out to the closest grocery store, had the car door open before I’d even turned off the ignition, and made a beeline for the entrance. However, once I’d traversed the crosswalk and arrived at the outdoor gourd display, I was stopped short by an elderly couple who shuffled, a quarter-step at a time, toward the automatic door, which opened, then closed, then opened … The man seemed to be the…

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