The Best Advice So Far - poison


A few weeks back, I nearly died. I don’t mean this in any figurative sense. I. Nearly. Died. I didn’t write about it close to the event, because it felt a bit glib to do so at the time. But now that we’re a few weeks out, I’m more of the mindset that “all’s well that ends well.” What’s more, I experienced something I don’t believe would have been possible had it not been for my visit to death’s door and back. If you’re a regular here, you know that I experienced some...

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The Best Advice So Far - kindness


Last week, I shared with you the first fully mixed and mastered chapter from the forthcoming audiobook version of The Best Advice So Far. This past Friday, my best friend Dib came over to record the Foreword, which she wrote. And once that’s edited, I should have no more to do before giving wings to a project that’s taken just about 120 hours to complete. Then … it’s into the next book. (:: deep breathe ::) For now, I’m still reeling (and celebrating!). With...

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The Best Advice So Far - lemonade for the ears

lemonade: for the ears

At the end of February, I finished recording the tracks for The Best Advice So Far. And at that time, I posted one of the audio recordings here on the blog —”Chapter 2: Negativity.” Well, I had set a goal for myself to have everything mixed and mastered by June 1. It turned out to be far more than I had bargained for — over 100 hours altogether. Wearing headphones for hours on end, listening for “poppy” Ps and “tappy” Ts and “slushy” SHs,...

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The Best Advice So Far - golden ticket

golden ticket

I’ve got a golden ticket I’ve got a golden chance to make my way And with a golden ticket, it’s a golden day …   OK, so the ticket wasn’t golden. It was orange. And it wasn’t a free ride to the Chocolate Factory. It was a $40 ride to the poorhouse. I drove up to Boston recently, to take part in a celebration dinner for a graduating class of opticians I’d taught as a guest lecturer back in the fall. Driving in the city doesn’t bother me in the least. It’s...

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The Best Advice So Far - two and five

two and five

My brain has been in a perpetual fog for the latter half of this week. Any semblance of a regular sleep schedule has been obliterated since Wednesday, when I made the choice to stay up all night. I had my reasons. They seemed good reasons at the time. But the result was that I wound up going about 36 hours without sleep. Since then, I’ve been wide awake when I should be sleeping — and tired only when I can’t be. Being this off kilter when it comes to sleep makes me feel “buzzy,”...

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The Best Advice So Far - 100% approval rating

100% approval rating

I’ve been around the world. From Beijing to Bohol to my own backyard, I’ve had personal dealings with thousands upon thousands of people from all walks of life. What’s more, I don’t just write about the power of choice. I practice it. I put it to the test with people. I’ve experimented with what works and what doesn’t where it comes to human relationships. I’ve honed my interpersonal skills. I’m known for being accepting, patient and kind. And I genuinely like people, so I’ve...

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The Best Advice So Far - double take

double take

Yesterday, already behind schedule for the morning, I emerged from the house to find my car completely covered … with caterpillar poop. My parking space is beneath a large maple tree inhabited, it would seem, by thousands of inchworms. And the tiny black pellets don’t just brush off. Oh no — they stick like tar. Add to this the fact that it’s been overcast or raining for more than a week now. And last night’s downpour only made matters worse, turning the worm poop into a tenacious...

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The Best Advice So Far - overload - Frankenstein-like coconut with lightning striking ear bolts


I’ve mentored teens and young adults for more than 25 years now, and part of that role is inextricably linked to education in some form or other. Whether it’s finally helping kids make sense of the quadratic equation, or teaching them new strategies for dealing with conflict, I love the look that comes over kids’ faces when they finally get whatever it is that’s been stumping them up to that point. (I equally love the feeling of learning a new thing myself and knowing “that look”...

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