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lost loves

I love writing.  But I can’t recall the last time my heart actually raced while I was writing. It's racing now. I hope your heart will also be racing by the time you are done reading. And then I hope you will chase your heart until you catch up to it.

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ugly pretty

A couple of my recent posts have been difficult for me to write. This will be the hardest yet. I'll warn you up front that it will be a bit longer of a read. But don't skim or skip it altogether. Bookmark and come back to it if you're short on time at the moment. It may well be worth it. I also…

top 10 ... so far

Today, as part of my ongoing experimentation and learning of late where blogging is concerned, I was able to find out exactly which of my 132 posts thus far have been the most popular with you, the readers. The top two of all time were, surprisingly, two of the most recent. And there were plenty…

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after happily ever

How do you hold onto grand ideals – the way you wish things were – in the middle of a less-than-ideal reality? I recently visited my brother and his family in North Carolina for a few days. While there, his fiancée wanted to plan some outings with my mom and me, and among them was going to see the…

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short on sorry

Things are about to get ugly. I’m about to tell you a true – but unflattering – story about myself.

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big kids: part 4 of 4

Today marks the final installment of the current "big kids" series. I hope you've been enjoying the trip down memory lane. But more importantly, I hope you collected a few things during your journey and brought them back with you, dusted them off, and started playing with them again in the now. In…

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big kids: part 3 of 4

DON'T BE FOOLED: THIS POST IS NOT ABOUT KIDS. IT'S ABOUT YOU. Last Thursday, I began a short blog series on some of the best parts of ourselves that may have accidentally (or even intentionally) been left in the past. Be sure to catch PART 1 and PART 2. Not only does PART 1 lay some important…